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Frosty Goes Skiing Screen Saver  v.2 5

Do you like celebrating Christmas? Who doesn't? But everybody has a different way to celebrate it during that special season. Are you tired of those super serious but beautiful Christmas screen savers? Are you looking for something different?

ControlSS  v.1.4.2

Control Screen Saver is an easy to use all-in-one screen saver utility that lets you easily control your screen savers with a simple click of the mouse.


SaverDesktop  v.1.0

Some, but not all, people know that Mac OS X has the ability to run screen savers on the user's desktop although it's not a publicized or particularly supported behavior.

IX ScreenSavers  v.1.3.2001

Over 25 classic, retro, and original modern screen savers.

Screen Saver Bar  v.1.0

Screen Saver Bar is a handy Windows utility for those who seek more control over their screen savers.

Screen Saver Builder  v.3 32

Screen Saver Builder merges your .jpg, .gif, .bmp images and .mp3, .wav and .mid sounds to a compact, single file, Windows standard, screen saver!

Italian Panoramas Screen Saver  v.1.0

Dou you feel like taking a trip overseas? How would you like going to Italy? In my case it is one of my favorite places in Europe. Is it too expensive to fly there? Italian Panoramas Screen Saver will take you to Italy for free.

2D Ghost Forest Screen Saver 01  v.3.0

The first member of the Ghost Forest family - a beautiful collection of hand-painted and interactive children-safe screen savers (Macintosh).

Jack-O-Lantern Screen Saver  v.1.2

Jack-O-Lantern is a screen saver that displays a carved 3D pumpkin.

Autumn Leaf Screen Saver

An extremely simple 3D screen saver with a an autumn leaf gently blown by wind. Relaxing and calm. For those who believe that simple things like a screen savers must be kept simple.

Stardust Screen Saver Control  v.

If you have several screen savers on your computer, the Stardust Screen Saver Control is a utility that will help you to manage them and launch the screen saver you want to display.

StarStrider screen saver  v.2.0

Turn the StarStrider 3D planetarium into a screen saver! The StarStrider screen saver allows you to use FMJ-Software's StarStrider planetarium software as the pinnacle of 'space travel screen savers'. View the planets and moons of our solar

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